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Sunrise Beach Session | San Diego, California | Megan

It’s a model like Megan who let’s me know my ideas aren’t crazy. When I asked Megan to wake up before sunrise so I could take pictures of her she enthusiastically accepted.

I like to create mood boards before a photo shoot because it let’s everyone involved know the general direction of the shoot.  I noticed that Megan is a dancer and for this shoot I wanted to intertwine nature with dance.  Living in California I knew this shoot had to take place by the water. Luckily I just discovered some public jetty’s in Dana Point I knew it was the perfect place for the shoot. 

Working with Megan was inspiring, her movements and dancing created so many wonderful images for me to work with. Essentially it was just a matter of putting Megan in the right location and letting her do the rest. 

When you look at these photos and see how graceful and beautiful Megan is, just remember that it was cold that morning and Megan was dancing barefoot… thin clothing on the ocean. Dancers know how to make everything look so easy even in the harshest conditions and Megan is a prime example of that. 

I hope you enjoy this gallery and make sure to check out Megan and her shop, West Coast Dreamers, when you can. 

December 17, 2017


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