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An Urban New Year | Arkansas | Mallory

Happy New Year!  Congrats everyone, we made it another year.  Do I feel any more wise than I did yesterday? No.  Do I still have my mind plagued with “what am I doing”? Yes.  But there is just something about the new year that makes you think that now is the time to go through with those tough decisions.  So cheers to you and yours and may this year be another step in the right direction. 

With that being said, I wanted to open the new year with a photo shoot I did back in Arkansas with my team.  For being a novice model, Mallory’s modeling has improved greatly since the last time I shot her and these pictures prove to show it.  And Kelsey always comes through with hair and make up, our little Arkansas team are some of my favorite people to work with. 

I sent a mood board to the team on this shoot, I wanted to have some objects for us to use and I wanted it to be a little 90’s focused.  Candy came to mind for the shoot, not only because I love candy but that there is something youthful and child like about it.  Mallory picked out all of the clothes, one can be so thankful when your model is a good stylist as well.  And Kelsey came through the hair and make up – that pop of red lipstick along with the buns really conveyed our playful idea behind the shoot. 

With that being said, enjoy the gallery below.  If you like it feel free to share it and comment below – it goes a long way for all of us!  All the best. 

– Jenny

Model: Mallory Kirkemier 

HMU: Kelsey Robertson

Clothes: Overalls (American Jane Vintage), T-Shirt (Scarlet Clothing), Jacket (Monroe Clothing), Shoes (Converse)

January 1, 2018


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