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In-Home Baby Session | Santa Monica, California | Brooks

I love Baby B so much. I was there on his day of birth and every spare moment I’ve had in LA I’ve somehow managed to find an excuse to go see him.  But I don’t need an excuse, he is the cutest chill baby. 

His parents love him so much and he is soooo lucky to have them as his parents.  Sarah and Kory are the coolest mom and dad you could have.  I would know because they took care of me all the time in LA, especially when I didn’t have anywhere to go on Thanksgiving and they LITERALLY just had their baby yet still invited me to come over.  I love that family. 

Which is why I’m so sad that I’m leaving LA, not only because of my friends there but because I’ll be missing this family.  Especially this little boy.  I’m going to end up being that person who keeps showing up at his special events saying “oh my how you have grown!” and he will say “Mom, who is this lady”.  It will be special. 

I hope you enjoy photos of this 4-month old and that they bring a smile to your face!

March 25, 2018


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