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Cheap e-Bay Dress Challenge

I saw this challenge online that other photographers are doing; yes photographers participate in challenges between each other, sounds really corny when I type it but you know…..that exists.  ANYWAYS, sometimes doing one of these challenges actually pushes me a little more creatively.  So I thought I’d do one.

This challenge is the cheap eBay dress challenge. Essentially you try to spend as little money as possible buying dresses online and then go and photograph them to make them look desirable.  I had a budget of $20 – and you are damn right that I stuck with my budget. One of my dresses was about $9 and the other was $11.  Of course the pictures of the dresses online were nothing really like the dresses that showed up at my front door.  See the below pictures for reference:

Dress #1​

​​​Dress #2​

​​​They look pretty right?  And flowing and as if they have movement and are full BUT THEY WERE NONE OF THESE THINGS.  Ok that was dramatic, they moved but they looked nothing like their pictures.  Also dress #2 was gray, not blue/green like the above.  Don’t even get me started on dress #1.  Either way, I forced my favorite Arkansas model (Mallory) into both dresses and made her take pictures barefoot in snake infested grass…..she’s the best.  The gallery is below, let me know what you think. 

April 25, 2018


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