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Romantic Hillside Wedding | Candler, North Carolina | Anna + Jackie

This couple is amazing and this day was surrounded by all those that they adore (and all those that adore them).  I can’t explain how great it is to see all the love on a wedding day; it’s in the air, it’s all around, it’s coming down from the heavens and singing from the rafters.  It’s love and if you didn’t know by now love is love. 

When we were leaving their ceremony I grabbed them both and took them to go take photos, I said to them “congrats guys!  You are married! You are now wife and wife!” and it was as if they just then realized that they were actually married.  Anna grabbed Jackie and they embraced and kissed out of the pure joy in their hearts.  I loved being their for that AND I captured it on my camera. 

The landscape was beautiful, the venue was beautiful, the couple was beautiful have I mentioned the word beautiful???  Again if you want to see the full gallery go to this link and share share share!!


Venue: The Farm – A Gathering Place

Photo:  Jenny Clair Photography

DJ: Jakob

Baker: A la Cupcakes

August 24, 2018


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