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Petit Jean Waterfall Session | Morrilton, Arkansas | Meg + Will

I met Meg & Will when I was looking for models for a styled wedding photo shoot in Arkansas.  After working with them for a couple of hours I already knew that they are super rad people.  In fact, at that time, they were engaged and Meg told me all about her wedding.  From an intimate family ceremony in their backyard to flying across the country to elope at Crater Lake National Park. Then they had a reception for friends back in Arkansas, I loved every detail of it.  Those are the kind of weddings that I love, ones that speak to the couple themselves and don’t have to be run of the mill traditional. 

Meg & Will are awesome!  When they saw that I wanted to get some photos taken at Petit Jean they hopped on board.  Both had not been to the waterfall at Petit Jean so I was pretty excited to take them there. I even told them to make sure and bring their dogs (Nash & Marley). The hike was pretty fun, besides the last mile where it is straight uphill HAH. I love finding hidden spots in my home state and I also love showcasing them. It is my belief that if you want adventurous couple photos then you don’t have to travel far, you can always find something in your “own backyard”.  

I hope you enjoy these photos of Meg & Will & Nash & Marley because I enjoyed hanging out with them once again!

September 5, 2018


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