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Top 5 Ways To Not Feel Awkward During Engagement Photos

You know what I’m talking about, heck I even know what I’m talking about. That point before you and your boo are getting your photos taken and you feel extremely awkward and stiff.  You don’t know how y’all are suppose to come across “in love” or fun or just anything but weird. 

Well I’m here to tell you to relax, calm down, take a deep breath and know that everything is going to be ok.  First off, it’s your photographers job to get the best out of you so don’t put all that weight on your shoulders.  With that being said this is the reason why picking the right photographer for you and sometimes investing in one makes all the difference in the world. 

SO before you go freaking out take a look at this list and apply these tips before your session. Trust me it will help: 

1) Drink.  

Ok that’s a bit aggressive but I’m serious. If you and your boo like to have a glass of wine, beer or margaritas then go ahead and have some before your session.  Now don’t get too crazy. I’m not an advocate for being drunk but doing something before hand that will relax you is a big plus.  You will be less concerned about things and more giggly and down for whatever. 

2) Speak with your Photographer.  

You are probably thinking “hey Jenny, that’s the most obvious thing I’ve ever heard” but when I say speak with your photographer I mean more than a few emails.  Meet them with you and your boo thang, get to know the photographer, tell them what you are afraid of, tell them funny stories, talk to them on the reg.  The more you feel like you and comfortable around your photographer the easier it will be to have photos taken.  

3) Play Music.  

If your photographer doesn’t do this then ask them if you can.  Playing music always relaxes you during sessions.  It doesn’t have to be romantic music, it can be rap, country, pop whatever makes you have fun. You both can goof off and be weird and dance (or not dance up to you) but it will at least make y’all not be distracted.  I find that when it’s extremely silent during photo shoots people feel very awkward.  But when you have music they have fun and let loose and are less aware that a camera is constantly in their face. 

4) Dress in clothes you feel great in.  

I’ve actually learned this from some big time photographers but it’s extremely true.  Dress in clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in.  Ladies you don’t have to wear heels, in fact, I encourage you to not wear heels to a session.  How are you suppose to run around and play with your partner while your heel gets stuck in the grass?  It’s ok to wear your favorite band tee or sweatshirt to a session. If it’s what you like to wear then freaking do it.  Be you in every way possible and it will show in your photos. Also dudes don’t like dressing up all the time and I find guys are the most awkward when they are forced to wear something they don’t like.  Tees and jeans for a guy go a long way and it’s something they wear on the regular.  BUT HEY, if you like dressing up and that’s something you want to do then that’s ok as long as both of you feel extremely comfortable and unique in what you are wearing. Don’t just do it for the photos.

5) Be Present. 

It’s easy to get distracted, it’s easy to pick a part something about yourself and it’s easy to go into a photo session thinking negative thoughts.  Well DON’T. Easier said than done, right? Being present is so necessary during your engagement session or wedding day. Taking a moment to really look at each other and appreciate your love for one another speaks volume in images.  Remember why you are there that day getting pictures done. Remember how you both feel in love. Think about the promise you made to one another and just remember to be present.  Being concerned about how you look has nothing to do with your love for one another.  For example, an image of a couple in sweats in their home but super present with one another will speak volumes over a couple who is concerned about if the photographer got a bad angle or that they feel stupid.  Love is love is love, be so present in your love that nothing else matters. 

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October 3, 2018


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