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Country Hillside Intimate Wedding | Twin Groves, Arkansas | Lauren + Patrick

Lauren and Patrick’s countryside wedding is finally up and yaaaaaas you can view it now.

You know what’s really cool?  Meeting people, working with them and becoming genuine friends with them.  I don’t work with clients just to say hi and bye after the wedding, I work with people because they enjoy my work and who I am (and I feel that way about them too).  Lauren and Patrick are exactly that. 

During our engagement session they invited me to their home to take pictures, we drank to loosen up and then went traversing in the woods laughing and having a good time.  That free flowed into their wedding day.  As a matter of fact Lauren and I would meet before the wedding day to talk about things and she had full faith in everything that I was going to do.  How lucky am I? Once their wedding day arrived it was just that, “Jenny, whatever you want us to do we will do it”….wow that’s insanely nice considering that this is YOUR wedding day?  But that speaks to how they are, they are open and loving and supportive.  Even their family would come up to me thanking for me being there.  

Ok, ok, ok I could talk forever about them but I won’t….unless you ask me.  Click that link above and enjoy those photos y’all!!

November 8, 2018


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