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My 2018 In Review

2018 wow you were a doozy (people still say that right?)

I started last year off in California still working in the sports industry and completely upset with where I was and what I was doing.  In March I decided to quit everything and pursue wedding photography full time.  To be honest, I probably should have prepared a bit more but I’m making it work! Not one ounce of me regrets moving from California and not one ounce regrets leaving my job there.  Though I miss my friends there and the opportunities I obviously was meant to be where I am now. 

Y’all this first year as an entrepreneur full time has been insane!  I moved to Nashville, restructured my business, branding and client services.  I went through love and love loss, I adopted a grumpy old dog whom I love and I freaking got my work published in some magazines! Not only that but I became more confident in what I am pursing/doing. 

Through the weddings I had last year I got to be a part of so many special days and contribute my work of art to them.  I got to watch people commit to one another through good times and bad.  I got to sit with my clients and truly get to know them.  I got to dance on so many dance floors and have wedding guests question who invited me. 

But because of y’all I got through it. Yes, seriously, through every like, share, referral and comment I was able to live doing what I love.  My marketing budget isn’t huge so I really depend heavily on people, on you to get my business to stay alive. So thank you, all of you, for helping pursue this path. 

Now, before I leave you with some of my favorite images from 2018 I wanted to share my 2019 resolutions for my business:

– Give an even better client experience

– Focus on my niche of adventure and push for my dream clients

– Make more women and men feel badass

– Give back to the community through photography 

– Get to the point where I can appoint an accountant

Wish me luck!

January 3, 2019


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