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What Is The Difference? Elopement vs. Intimate Wedding

What is an elopement? Well to define it better it’s when a couple runs off and gets married in a secret location.  In the wedding industry the term elopement has now shaped into something else; it’s a ceremony in a scenic location between the couple, the officiant and photographer.  At times most people get elopement and intimate weddings confused.  So let’s clarify

Elopement = couple, officiant, photographer (used as witness) at an inexpensive location

Intimate Wedding = couple, officiant, photographer and guests – one or two dozen (number varies by opinon) at an inexpensive location

Is it a big deal if you get the two definitions confused? No, not at all.  Does everyone now have a different opinion on what each means? Yes, they do.  But if running off and getting married without family doesn’t sound like your idea of a wedding but neither does throwing a big ceremony then consider an intimate wedding. 

An intimate wedding is like the middle man of an Elopement and Traditional Wedding.  You would also be surprised at the price difference for photographers when it comes to intimate weddings.  For instance, I have a much more inexpensive package for intimate weddings which will fit your needs more. If you are interested in a certain photographer and are wanting an intimate wedding make sure you ask if they have any special packages for those! 

Questions, concerns, helpful?  Let me know! I’m trying to push out some more content for those in the wedding planning phase. Hope this helps!

January 15, 2019


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