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Royal Caribbean Cruise Wedding | Nassau, Bahamas | Heidi + Nick

Have you ever been on a cruise wedding?? I have to admit that this was a first for me and I was pretty stoked about it.  Heidi and Nick brought me along on my first cruise wedding and it was epic.  What makes this couple rad is that they love experiences and they wanted their wedding to reflect that for their friends and family. Soooooo they went on a cruise and got married in the Nassau, Bahamas port.  Pretty sick and pretty stunning I must say. What’s even cooler is how they met and there pursue of one another.

Heidi and Nick met many years ago in Gresham, Oregon. In Heidi’s words, it was the “worst timing”. Nick was in relationships with with someone else and Heidi was interested elsewhere.  However, they definitely noticed each other.  It was a distant friendship for two years – always checking in on each other through college sports.  It wasn’t until Heidi gave into the nagging of Nick to finally come visit him in Indiana that their real story began.  It was one plane ticket purchased 3:30 in the morning, that lead them to their life together. This was what they would later realize to be the first of many big chances on love.

^^^Super sweet right????  Makes you so stoked and excited about love.  Crazy circumstances yet love conquered it all.  Love these two and I hope you love there wedding as much as I did, full gallery is linked below and some sneak peeks are included in this post!

February 13, 2019


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