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Top 5 Oklahoma Elopement Locations

Okieeeeeelahoma, I feel like you get a bad rep.  Is that just me?  Maybe it’s because I’m from the South and we scrutinize every state that is not our own.

(^^^when you type in Oklahoma into GIF, this is what pops up.) 
But, I feel like Oklahoma gets picked on quite a bit. And I’m not gonna lie, when I had to drive Interstate 40 through Oklahoma it was pretty boring – just straight up windmills and flat land all throughout 40 on the South side of Oklahoma.  Obviously there is more to Oklahoma than that strip of road.  We should view Oklahoma as a realm of possibilities, but more importantly inexpensive possibilities. So when it comes to elopements/engagements/hikes/etc. don’t rule Oklahoma out.

1. Great Salt Plains State Park

You don’t need to go to California to get those salt land vibes – you can drive to Oklahoma to fulfill all your Bohemian elopement dreams. 

2. Turner Falls

Is the water actually that blue? I’m not too sure but I bet if you hit it up at the right time of the year you can get those hues.  I wish I had a better birds eye picture but just right above the fall is a beautiful weaving river.  Also don’t worry about those buoys, it’s called photoshop and your photographer should know how to use it! 

3. Gloss Mountain State Park

Again with the boho desert vibes.  I think we always believe we have to go to Utah or Nevada to get that aesthetic but it’s just not true. Plus those places are kind of overdone. Can you imagine showing off your elopement pictures and telling everyone that the above was in Oklahoma. Shock value kind of stuff. 

4. Natural Falls State Park

Who doesn’t love a beautiful waterfall?  How about one that cascades down a luscious green rock face?  Do I really need to convince you about this one? 

5.  Red Rock Canyon State Park

 The water and the rock face – I’m into it.

January 30, 2020


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