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Big Family Wedding | Champaign, Illinois | Morgan + Zach

I’m about 4 months late on posting this, I have got to be better than that!

Last October Morgan and Zach married in Morgan’s hometown of Champaign, Illinois. I actually met Morgan as interns together for the Houston Astros and we just stayed in touch over social media since. When I was in Nashville and Morgan was in Nashville the pairing of photographer to couple just made total sense.

This couple loves to laugh and it’s pretty evident. Morgan’s laugh is so contagious and so is Zach’s. When you see them laughing in pictures you just want to smile and laugh too. You might look crazy laughing at your computer while your all alone at home but it’s just the kind of thing that you do when scrolling through their photos.

They like to have a good time, they love their family and friends, they love their dog and they love each other. It even rained a little bit (which is a sign of good luck) on their outdoor wedding but you would never know. Their smiles and attitude throughout the day made you feel like you were on cloud nine with them. And that’s the sign of good things to come.

So happy I could dance with them, smile with them and laugh with them. Love my couples and I wish Zach and Morgan all the best!

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March 1, 2020


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