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How To Pick Your Wedding Photographer

Lol I’ve never even been married – but I’ve been to at least 80 weddings, so that’s saying something.

This isn’t an end all be all list but instead it’s set of guidelines for when that time comes to pick your wedding photographer.  Every person is different which means every wedding is different….which means every priority is different (Sherlock in the making).  And maybe you are in that stage trying to figure out where to look, what to do, what to pay — or maybe you are just curious.  Either way, picking a wedding photographer should be fun and not stressful.  Here’s some guidance on how to pick your wedding photographer. 

1. Set your budget

You might be thinking, naw duh Jenny.  But what I mean is to really figure out your top 5 priorities at your wedding (besides getting married).  Once you set that list then you can figure out where your money would likely be spent the most (priority 1).  Wherever photography lands on that list can help you narrow down your searches for photographers.  All photographers should have a listing of their starting price on their website and if they don’t then you are more than welcome to send them an email – starting prices are not secrets and when you ask it doesn’t mean you have to go with that photographer. 

2. Creep on Instagram

Photographers hashtag all of their photos, at least most of them.  If you are trying to find someone or just want to see what’s out there I highly recommend Instagram over any wedding website service.  Simply look up hashtags like #tennesseeweddingphotographer #arkansasweddingphotographer and you will be able to see allllllll photographers either tagged or within that hashtag.  Trust me, all photographers tag at least one of their photos with the above (switch up the state names obviously).

3. Check the blog/galleries

Dive into their websites and get lost.  Check their photos and blog posts, look at all the photos they have taken.  Get a feel on if you can see you and your boo in those photos on your wedding day. 

4. Check the reviews

Ok so let’s say you have narrowed it down to at least 3-5 photographers, awesome now that you are still on their website check their reviews. Everyone can tell between a surface level review and a deeply personal review.  It’s important to look at these reviews because it can give you great insight into the experience couples have had with that photographer.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to those past clients either – they will be honest with you.

5. Reach out

Alright time to reach out.  You know your budget, you know that you love the photos and you feel like the experiences couples have had before speak to you.   Reach out, send them an email with your wedding date and location, and ask for pricing info. Remember you might be spending 10+ hours with this person on a very important day, make sure you have a connection with them! Pick someone who you connect with, like someone you can see as an actual friend and you can’t go wrong. 

From there you should be able to clearly get an idea of who you want as your photographer.  Remember you can always FaceTime, text or ask even more questions to the photographer (that’s what they are there for).  It’s your wedding day, it’s meant to be about your love as a couple. A photographer is just there to capture that in the best way possible.  Don’t harp too long on this part of your list, enjoy the experiences and conversations.  But most of all go with someone who speaks to you, who you feel could be a lifelong friend.

Good luck and stay rad.  

April 13, 2020


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