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Spotify playlists that are getting me through this strange time

My creativity has kind of been stuck. It’s a rollercoaster really. Some times I feel inspired and then I will go a month where I haven’t even touched my camera. It’s equally as frustrating to post every single day on social to just stay relevant. I can’t force myself to create content just to be creating content. Within my own personal brand I just want to post when I feel like posting.

And maybe that’s a problem. Not the best business strategy. But it’s my brand and it’s a learning process for me.

I know we are all in the same boat in a sense that the boat is the Titantic and we are all on different spots of the ship. But one thing that has kept me or at least brings me back to a positive headspace is music. I have a Spotify playlist playing everyday while I work. It not only keeps me from my blackhole of thoughts but also can really lift my mood. So here a couple of playlists on Spotify I’ve been listening to that I hope can speak to you as well:





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May 20, 2020


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