I live in Arkansas where I was born and raised, at one point I actually lived in LA for six years and then Nashville for two.  I've traveled and lived all over this world but nothing beats moving back home. I also love sports, I grew up mostly playing soccer but I enjoy watching college football as well, it's the southerner in me. I like candy, pop-tarts, donuts and I have an unnatural obsession with dogs. You can find that my voice goes about three octaves higher when I see a dog. I love nature and dream of one day being able to visit every single national park; it would be even better if I could visit all those parks in an airstream that I renovated. I like all music but you will notice that rap gets me super hyped. And lastly I'm obsessed with crime podcasts, shows, series ANYTHING but I hate horror films.


candy and donuts i want to try






YO WHAT IT DO, I'm Jenny!

My family tells me I'm weird (but they mean it in the most loving way) but I think that's why I love making new friends above anything. I like being my true self around other people and I like getting to know other peoples "weirdness". Ultimately I like going and getting drinks with people and hanging out getting to know one another. I love people who want an adventure and don't mind getting dirty because I honestly walk away from every photo shoot with a new stain on my clothes....can't help it. I like love or I guess I should say I love love. Being able to take photos of people and display what makes them freaking awesome brings me so much joy.

Why I love photography

I once shoved a pebble in my ear when I was four. Ask my family to tell you about it sometime. It's a great story.

things about me

I love donuts, candy & pop-tarts. Luckily my dad was a dentist. But yo, don't hesitate to send me any recs

things about me

My bucket list is to travel around the U.S. in a camper for a year. 

things about me

I think the best Disney movie is Mulan because it is about a girl who fights and saves an entire kingdom. As the Spice Girls would say Girl Power. 

things about me

I loooove a good thrifted graphic tee.  Band tees are my jaaaaam.

things about me

I like couples who love nature and like to laugh at my good/bad jokes.  Hey "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"  - Michael Scott

things about me

I believe that dogs are the best of friends you could ask for. 

things about me

My dream is to live in a house on the lake some day.  I know it's not much of a dream but hey it excites me. 

things about me

I LOVE live sports. Take me to all the sports games possible, I'm in. 

things about me

I love to hike but I might be the clumsiest hiker you meet. Still haven't gotten use to how long my legs are and how much I need to pick up my feet

things about me


Places I want to go

+Papau New Guinea

Places I've Been

+South Korea
.......And some I can't remember

+New Zealand


Are you ready to hang and do something rad? I am.