I live in Arkansas where I was born and raised, at one point I actually lived in LA for six years and then Nashville for two.  I've traveled and lived all over this world but nothing beats moving back home. I also love sports, I grew up mostly playing soccer but I enjoy watching college football as well, it's the southerner in me. I like candy, pop-tarts, donuts and I have an unnatural obsession with dogs. You can find that my voice goes about three octaves higher when I see a dog. I love nature and dream of one day being able to visit every single national park; it would be even better if I could visit all those parks in an airstream that I renovated. I like all music but you will notice that rap gets me super hyped. And lastly I'm obsessed with crime podcasts, shows, series ANYTHING but I hate horror films.


candy and donuts i want to try






YO WHAT IT DO, I'm Jenny!

I love when I look at a photo and it evokes emotion out of me. Whether that's love, hope, sadness or curiosity.  It's a beautiful thing that something on a piece of paper or a screen has so much power over my emotions.  But that's the beauty of photography. You can hide photos in your attic for 50 years, then take them out and be immediately transported to that moment.  You can flip through a magazine and dream of the places on the pages.  I find true joy in make other people, brands, companies feel seen - feel as though what they represent comes across.  I cherish relationships with people and the fact that they trust me with their message.  I love getting to know my clients or friends I should say. I love photography because it lets me dig and show the true beauty all around us. 

Why I love photography

I once shoved a pebble in my ear when I was four. Ask my family to tell you about it sometime. It's a great story.

things about me

I love donuts, candy & pop-tarts. Just ask a five year old what they like to eat and we probably have similar tastes.

things about me

My bucket list is to travel around the U.S. in a camper for a year.  And preferably a camper that I renovated.

things about me

People think I'm a lot younger than I am.  I'd like to think it's because of my youthful looks but I think it's actually because of my immaturity.  

things about me

I loooove a good thrifted graphic tee.  Band tees are my jaaaaam.

things about me

I like to be surrounded by people who enjoy laughing and can roll with the punches.  Nothing stresses me more than people who can't relax. 

things about me

I believe that dogs are the best of friends you could ask for. 

things about me

My dream is to live in a house on the lake some day.  I know it's not much of a dream but it's what motivates me.

things about me

I LOVE live sports. Take me to all the sports games possible, I'm in. 

things about me

I love to hike but I might be the clumsiest hiker you meet. Still haven't gotten use to how long my legs are and how much I need to pick up my feet

things about me


Places I want to go

+Papau New Guinea

Places I've Been

+South Korea
.......And some I can't remember

+New Zealand


Are you ready to hang and do something rad? I am.