Gabrielle and Ben reached out to me on Instagram. After setting up our initial FaceTime it took me all of 2 seconds to realize they are a perfect client for me. Why? Because I’ve seen enough weddings to look at two people and know that they are madly in love. That the puppy eyes for […]

Smoky Mountain Intimate Wedding | Gabrielle + Ben

Vinyl Records

My creativity has kind of been stuck. It’s a rollercoaster really. Some times I feel inspired and then I will go a month where I haven’t even touched my camera. It’s equally as frustrating to post every single day on social to just stay relevant. I can’t force myself to create content just to be […]

Spotify playlists that are getting me through this strange time

Lol I’ve never even been married – but I’ve been to at least 80 weddings, so that’s saying something. This isn’t an end all be all list but instead it’s set of guidelines for when that time comes to pick your wedding photographer.  Every person is different which means every wedding is different….which means every […]

How To Pick Your Wedding Photographer

I’m about 4 months late on posting this, I have got to be better than that! Last October Morgan and Zach married in Morgan’s hometown of Champaign, Illinois. I actually met Morgan as interns together for the Houston Astros and we just stayed in touch over social media since. When I was in Nashville and […]

Big Family Wedding | Champaign, Illinois | Morgan + Zach

Okieeeeeelahoma, I feel like you get a bad rep.  Is that just me?  Maybe it’s because I’m from the South and we scrutinize every state that is not our own. (^^^when you type in Oklahoma into GIF, this is what pops up.)┬áBut, I feel like Oklahoma gets picked on quite a bit. And I’m not […]

Top 5 Oklahoma Elopement Locations

Early morning drives through a forrest that reminded me of the Blair Witch Project….in the best way possible. Sunrise session walking trails to find the perfect spot for an adventure couples session. Arkansas you never cease to amaze me.

Adventure Session | White Mountain, Arkansas | Mary + Daniel