2018 wow you were a doozy (people still say that right?) I started last year off in California still working in the sports industry and completely upset with where I was and what I was doing.  In March I decided to quit everything and pursue wedding photography full time.  To be honest, I probably should have prepared a bit more […]

My 2018 In Review

This one is pretty cool for me.  I’m not sure if you recognize her all over my website but Mallory is one of my original and favorite models in Arkansas.  I’ve used her for quite a few photo shoots before and have plastered her face all over my social.  But this photoshoot warmed my heart […]

Country Field Engagement Session | Arkansas | Mallory + Fisher

Jessica and Johnny have such a special relationship and I’m so happy to have been a part of their wedding day. They were married in early October at Hillbrook Farms overlooking a breathtaking view of Arkansas.  They are both selfless individuals who were so kind to me throughout THEIR wedding day and they didn’t have to be.  They love each other endlessly […]

Arkansas Farm Wedding | Twin Grove, Arkansas | Jessica + Johnny

Lauren and Patrick’s countryside wedding is finally up and yaaaaaas you can view it now. You know what’s really cool?  Meeting people, working with them and becoming genuine friends with them.  I don’t work with clients just to say hi and bye after the wedding, I work with people because they enjoy my work and […]

Country Hillside Intimate Wedding | Twin Groves, Arkansas | Lauren + Patrick

I love Megan and Tommy.  I’ve known Megan all throughout college and got to know Tommy over the last couple of years and I’ve always enjoyed myself around them.  They are one of those couples that you look out for at a party because they make you laugh and you don’t feel like a third-wheel.  And […]

Downtown City Wedding Video | St. Louis, Missouri | Megan + Tommy

Early September.  Oklahoma City. Two lovers. What else do you need? Rachel is a close friend from college and happened to be our sorority president, which we will never let her live down.  Taylor ALSO was his fraternity president, coincidence? I think not.  Rachel is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met, she […]

Downtown City Wedding | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Rachel + Taylor