Vinyl Records

My creativity has kind of been stuck. It’s a rollercoaster really. Some times I feel inspired and then I will go a month where I haven’t even touched my camera. It’s equally as frustrating to post every single day on social to just stay relevant. I can’t force myself to create content just to be […]

Spotify playlists that are getting me through this strange time

Oh you know I love me some TLC – that be Chilli from TLC for all those Gen Z’ers who are lost. Did you know that for a long time I thought “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” was “Don’t go Jason Waterfalls” – it’s a story about a boy who lost his way……makes sense.  Alright now […]

My Top 3 Books For Positive Mindset

That title sounds super harsh, right? Well, I wish it weren’t true.  At the end of November last year I adopted a 11 year old mini-labradoodle who had been going through some tough times.  His previous owners had him for 10 years and gave him up due to their own health reasons and their house burning […]

I Gave My Dog Back After 3 Months

2018 wow you were a doozy (people still say that right?) I started last year off in California still working in the sports industry and completely upset with where I was and what I was doing.  In March I decided to quit everything and pursue wedding photography full time.  To be honest, I probably should have prepared a bit more […]

My 2018 In Review

I saw this challenge online that other photographers are doing; yes photographers participate in challenges between each other, sounds really corny when I type it but you know…..that exists.  ANYWAYS, sometimes doing one of these challenges actually pushes me a little more creatively.  So I thought I’d do one. This challenge is the cheap eBay dress […]

Cheap e-Bay Dress Challenge

Happy New Year!  Congrats everyone, we made it another year.  Do I feel any more wise than I did yesterday? No.  Do I still have my mind plagued with “what am I doing”? Yes.  But there is just something about the new year that makes you think that now is the time to go through […]

An Urban New Year | Arkansas | Mallory