I met Meg & Will when I was looking for models for a styled wedding photo shoot in Arkansas.  After working with them for a couple of hours I already knew that they are super rad people.  In fact, at that time, they were engaged and Meg told me all about her wedding.  From an intimate […]

Petit Jean Waterfall Session | Morrilton, Arkansas | Meg + Will

Oh wow, I love this couple.  I met them at a coffee shop on our first date….kidding it was a meeting but meetings pretty much feel like dates.  Instantly I found a connection with them and later that week I found myself out on their 6 acre property in Heber Springs taking their engagement photos.  […]

Green Field Backyard Engagement Session | Heber Springs, Arkansas | Lauren + Patrick

When I say I’m going to make you hike for photo shoots I really do mean it.  But if you have a fear of heights, maybe tell me before I take you scaling on a cliffs edge?  Regardless y’all, Anna made it and we got this sweeeeeet picture of her and Jackie.  I’m so thankful that […]

Central Arkansas Nature Engagement Session | Little Rock, Arkansas | Anna + Jackie

Taylor, what is there to say about you except that your style is on point and I’m so glad that we met.  I love taking pictures of Taylor because she always gets such a reaction to her style and photographing her is easy.  Below are pictures from our February session together, can’t wait to fly […]

Beach Blogger Session | Manhattan Beach, California | Taylor

I love Baby B so much. I was there on his day of birth and every spare moment I’ve had in LA I’ve somehow managed to find an excuse to go see him.  But I don’t need an excuse, he is the cutest chill baby.  His parents love him so much and he is soooo […]

In-Home Baby Session | Santa Monica, California | Brooks

A dancer in a flower field, what else is there to say?  OH, Happy International Women’s Day! Go out and give some words of encouragement or support to a woman today, but don’t be weird about it.  And also make sure you check out Megans company West Coast Dreamers .  Hope you enjoy the gallery below!

California Flower Field Session | San Diego, California | Megan